Confidia Finance

Monetize your business

with our fast and reliable payment gateway.  Our subsidiaries efficiently process payments for their customers acting as a one-for-all payment partner.  We support our merchants locally and internationally.

Various options for easy and fast integration

Our API is both flexible and easy to integrate and universally loved by developers.

You don’t have a payment expert? No problem, our integration team will discuss with you how our payment gateway best suits your individual business model and needs.

The robust and scalable platform guarantees PCI-DSS Level 1 quality, high performance and the basis for straightforward user experiences – worldwide.

Various options for easy and fast integration

Our Payment Services

State-of-the-art API

Easily integrate multiple and flexible payment options. Our robust and scalable platform guarantees PCI-DSS compliance, security, high performance, and enables a safe user experience.

A fully-integrated payment processing solution

Real-time access to your payment processing data through our dashboard.  Providing users with instant visibility into the performance of their business and revenues using comprehensive reporting features.

The "Payment Request" process

Merchants create a “Payment Request” that is received on the customer's mobile App to approve the transaction. Client funds remain under their control and once approved, both parties are informed the transaction has completed.

Risk management

Unlike many processors, Confidia reduces risk and fraud by requiring all payers to pass KYC validation. This monitoring and risk management has significantly reduced chargebacks and claims.

Settlement of funds

Funds are collected from various payment methods and remitted them as a bundled payment. In conjunction with detailed reporting, Confidia can efficiently and reliably settle in several currencies, using SWIFT, SWIFT GPI and SEPA.

Collecting Funds & Payments

The payment gateway features intelligent routing to ensure that the most appropriate payment methods are offered for each transaction ensuring maximum coverage, security and traction.


The eWallet is another option to make and receive payments.

The dedicated app from our associate company HowToPay is available from the AppStore and Google Play. It’s easy to top-up your e-Wallet and make payments.

Key benefits of the mobile app are:

  • View all payments made
  • Easy to top-up balance
  • Receive credits from other users directly to the app
  • Transfer credits from one user to another using a QR code
  • Make in-person payments using a QR code
  • Access POS services (Business Accounts only) Coming Soon
  • Send a Payment Request to another user
  • Accept or decline a Payment Request

Virtual IBANs

For EU, EEA and UK, we can provide virtual IBANs to streamline payments and account reconciliation making collection of payments efficient, reliable and easy.

The Merchant Contract

One straightforward contract is all that is required to have access to a variety of payment methods and solutions for your business.